Mark Lang's Limited Edition photographic panoramas of the Australian landscape.

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THE GALLERY - Gallery One - Canoe on the Wollomba River NSW

Canoe on the Wollomba River NSW - AUD$1500

The first of my panoramas. It all started here, in 1978, when I used to spend weekends with friends who lived on an island in the Wollomba River, out of Foster. I’d drive up from the city on Fridays and park the car and paddle across the river in time for dinner. I spent days on the river pottering around in that canoe, and thought ‘How do I capture the sensation of sitting in this canoe?’

Orthodox cameras simply didn’t capture the sensation of being in the boat, so I hired a Widelux from PICS and took that with me next time, and the 140 degree sweep of the lens captured the sensation of being in the boat because it covered the angle of human vision. The picture puts you in the boat. From here on panoramas were my thing, and eventually I shot little else, for the format suited photographing he Australian landscape perfectly. You got that sense of space.
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