Mark Lang's Limited Edition photographic panoramas of the Australian landscape.

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THE GALLERY - Gallery One - Catfish Creek, Kakadu

Catfish Creek, Kakadu - AUD$1500

“I was camped for six months up at East Alligator River in Kakadu, working with the traditional owner of that country, Old Man Bill Neidjie, who had a story he wanted to tell and have recorded. So while I was there I got to know Old Man’s country really well, mainly by walking it. Catfish Creek is a tributary of the East Alligator River near Cahill’s Crossing.

A woman was taken by a crocodile at the entrance to this creek, so I was always on the lookout for crocs, being out there on my own. The smoke is from the fires that the Rangers light each year to burn down the speargrass that could burn out of control later in the Wet Season when the early lightning storms of The Wet set fire to the country.
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